+// putting down La Jolla's best margarita..salud!🇲🇽 📸 @kaitlyngreer

+// The Leña version of the Zombie..El Cucuy

+// was made for hibiscus sangria //+

//T A C O 🥊 T U E S D A Y// . Taco vs Taco, 🐓 vs , there can only be one winner…The lucky one that eats them both. . TJ Tuesday Specials: $3 Taco of the Day $4 Classic 🇲🇽 beers $6 Leña Margs .

// T A C O 🌮 T U E S D A Y // Meet the Taco of the Day, this Chicken Fajita Taco will have you thinking one is not enough . . TJ Tuesday specials: 🐓$3 Taco of the Day. $4 Classic Mexican Beers $6 Leña Margaritas

//DRINK ALERT// . We swear this new Hibiscus Sangria is as refreshing as it looks. 🥃: Chenin Colombard blend, @casadaristi Huana, Caña Brava Rum, Combier, Hibiscus water, assorted fruits. . .

//DON'T PANIC// . We know mom didn't raise no cowards, so come and face our new drink EL CUCUY (Limit 2 per customer… If you know what I mean ) . 🥃: @papaspilar dark and blonde rums, El Silencio Mezcal, Velvet Falernum, Domm's mix, fresh pineapple, fresh lime, bitters, charcoal. .

S Q U A S H B L O S S O M . One of the house favourites, this Flor De Calabaza will always be a great way to start. .

// TACOS & SUNSET🌮// . Tks @cr8urshape for this lovely picture. .

//️Nice days like these call for nice beers // . Come by and share with a friend these 22 oz bombers. . 📸: @insurgentebrew Brown and @moderntimesbeer Monsters Park .

// 🌪We're Bringing Hurricane Season To The West Coast// . Introducing Huracan, this drink will make you feel like your vacation is at a tropical paradise. . . .

Tequila game on point 🇲🇽🇲🇽 . .

//It's 🌮 Tuesday!!//. . This beautiful Tinga Tostada was our last Tuesday star. Come by and enjoy today's Taco of the Day. TJ Tuesday specials: $3 Taco of the Day 🍋$6 House Margs $4 Classic 🇲🇽 beers. .

This is how you enjoy a sunset at our place. 🥃: Mayan Jungle Cruise and Topless in Tulum . 📸 by @wild.girl.wellness .

//HAPPY HOUR// . Chilling out is better when you have a Margarita and a view. From 3 to 6: $6 Leña Margs🍋 $1 off all beers $5 Wine glasses Crafty bites🌮 . . 📸: @says_anything .

//It's all about the prep// . Our Mole Negro involves a bunch of ingredients charred to perfection. 🌶🥜 .

La comida también entra por los ojos . 📸: @christinatobia .

A big shoutout to our friends @casaaristi for helping us to bring this bebidas chingonas to life. 1. Mayan Jungle Cruise 2. Topless in Tulum🍋 3. Bomba 4. Old Mayan🥃

Cómo decía mamá… Always be well surrounded 😎. . 📸: @downtown_anna

//TJ TUESDAY//. You know Tuesdays aren't made for just 1 taco 🌮🌮🌮 . .

Our Margaritas are colder than your ex's heart. .

Happy #WorldChocolateDay. Or as we like to call it, Xocolatl 🇲🇽

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